Your Business is Unique

At Savvy Office Solutions we know that every business is unique, and every business owner’s strengths are different too.  That’s why one-size-fits-all pricing just doesn’t do it for us. Below is an outline of some of the standardized pricing options. The Savvy Sisters will personally work with you to develop the perfect scenario and pricing plan within these options to achieve your business goals.

The Savvy team specializes in stem-to-stern management; creating a collaborative relationship and investing ourselves in your business is what we do best.

A La Carte Services

Do you just have a short-term project, some backlog to clear up, or need some temporary help? Our A La Carte Services menu is likely the place for you.

Basic Administrative Services are normally billed at an hourly rate of $60 with a 4 hour minimum. Such tasks may include wordprocessing, data entry, short-term customer service relief (email, phone, livechat), direct mailing, organizing contact lists etc.

Specialty Services (for example programming, graphic design, internet marketing campaign creation – anything that requires a “specialist”)  are normally billed at an hourly rate of $120 with a 2 hour minimum.

Contact us for a consultation and to receive an exhaustive list of our A La Carte services. Chances are, if you need it done, we can make it happen for you! We will work with you to determine the options and pricing that best suits your situation.

Retainers & Packages

If you require help on an ongoing basis, or if you have a larger project that will take more than just a few hours to complete, package or retainer pricing is where it’s at! You will benefit from percentage-off savings from our usual hourly rates, as well as some other bonuses not included with our A La Carte options.

All of the retainer packages below begin with an initial Client Needs Analysis in which we work closely with you to identify the areas of your business that would most benefit from our personal expertise, and that of our team members.  This analysis process takes about 1 week to complete after which we will present you with customized quotation options. ** Retainer prices vary because the tasks involved differ from business to business, and can include both basic & specialty services.

“Dip Your Toes In” Retainer

Finding a Virtual Business Management Team that is a perfect fit for your business is SO important. A short-term, get-to-know-us package is for you if you are new to the world of virtual assistance or just taking your first steps towards relinquishing your hold on some of the aspects of your business that are critical but leave you feeling less than overjoyed every time you have to do them yourself.

A typical Dip Your Toes In retainer includes a needs analysis at 50% off the normal price followed by a 3 month retainer and is normally focused on specific shorter term project(s) as opposed to day-to-day or weekly activities. We find that 3 months is a perfect length of time for you to get a feel for delegating and the way Savvy Office Solutions works and to determine whether our relationship is effective, productive, and value-added for your business. In addition, your 3+ month committment is rewarded by 5% off our normal hourly rates.

“In With Both Feet” Retainer

You are ready to get wet, and even put your whole head under water. You have decided to delegate have a pretty good idea of how the Savvy Office Solutions team can help you. You understand the benefits of aligning yourself with an Online Business Management Team and are eager to make some waves.

A typical In With Both Feet retainer involves a minimum of a 6 month retainer and is normally comprised of both project and weekly or monthly activities. The package includes a free needs analysis (valued at $500) and a bi-weekly stay-on-the-same-page skype conference (min. $845 value) and is customized to suit the specific requirements of each client’s business. In addition, your 6+ month committment is rewarded by 10% off our normal hourly rates.

“High Diving Board” Retainer

You are truly ready to take the plunge! You know that you can’t rev your business up by yourself and maintain your sanity. You may have worked with a Virtual Assistant in some capacity before and realize the benefits of having a go-to online team who has all your bases covered. You require ongoing business support on a daily, or weekly basis.

The High Diving Board retainer involves a minimum of a 1 year retainer and is customized to suit the specific requirements of each client’s business. This package includes a free needs analysis (valued at $500), weekly one hour stay-on-the-same-page skype conference (min. $3000 value), and a monthly achievement recap & goals forecast (min. $1800 value). In addition, your 1 year committment is rewarded by a whopping 15% off of our normal hourly rates!

** The needs analysis can be purchased separately for $500. Please contact us for details.

Website Only, Internet Marketing Only, and Admin Only Package pricing coming soon.

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