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Let’s be honest here…when you conceptualized your business and visualized how wonderful it would be to spend your time doing what you love, love, love to do every day, you may have accidentally (or on purpose) overlooked the part where there are some necessary…nay critical…aspects of realizing your dream that are simply NOT part of what you love to spend your time doing…and, if we’re being truthful, NOT what you are GOOD at.

We Savvy Sisters know what we love and we know what we are darned good at…organizing, planning, managing, delegating, coordinating, getting things done and done right and having fun along the way. We love it…we live for it…we are excited about it…and we ROCK at it!

Here are just some of the infinite possibilities we can explore with you depending on where you are in your journey towards business greatness:


~ Project Management & Coordination: planning, organizing & managing resources to ensure successful completion of projects, goals & objectives.

~ Operations Management: implementation and management of ongoing, value-producing business activities.

~ Virtual Team Management: sourcing, retaining, training, and managing virtual team members.

~ Strategic Business Development: creating or re-vamping a website, developing a killer email marketing campaign, setting up & managing an affiliate program, finding strategic partners for joint venture programs, launching a membership site, adding a shopping cart to your site, sourcing product vendors and establishing relationships, article or blog writing, social networking, and the list goes on…


The truth is, success is not a solo activity….virtually no one who builds a big 6 or 7 figure business does it on their own. The only way to grow is to let go….we’ll say that again because it’s SO important. The ONLY way to grow is to LET GO! Let go of the things that don’t make you excited to get up and build your business. Put those things in the hands of someone who does get excited doing them. Extract yourself from working IN your business so you can work ON it instead.


Savvy Office Solutions offers retainer, package, and some project based pricing options. Check out our pricing plans here.


What are you waiting for? Schedule your free half hour consultation now and let’s find out if we are the missing puzzle piece to your business.

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