Savvy Office Solutions is G-R-O-W-I-N-G and we are looking for independent Virtual Professionals to become Associates!

Does this sound like you?

~ Great work ethic and a willingness to go the extra mile

~ Dedication to the highest levels of customer service & satisfaction

~ Experienced and professional

~ Team player who can also take initiative and work well independently

~ Seasoned virtual professional with a home office setup

Why partner with Savvy Office Solutions?

~ We do the marketing & networking leg-work to get the clients. There is no time or cost to you!

~ Free training & sharing of knowledge. As an Associate of Savvy Office Solutions you tap into our knowledge & resources, and that of other Associates on the team.

~ We handle the client intake. It is our responsibility to negotiate rates and assess clients needs.

~ We provide what you need to be able to accommodate any special client requirements. If a client requires us to have special software or equipment to service their needs, it is our responsbility to provide those things*.

~ You will never have out-of-pocket expenses on behalf of any Savvy Office Solutions client for whom you do Associate work.

~ You become part of an awesome family of like-minded Virtual Professionals who are goal-oriented and results-driven.

~ More projects will be easier to juggle because you will have only one point of contact…us. In most cases, we will act as the “messenger” between client & Associate.

~ You may work as many or as few hours as you like providing the work is available**.

If you are a Virtual Assistant or Administrative guru, a Social Media Specialist, a master Blogger or Article Writer, a gifted Graphic Artist or website designer, or any other dedicated online professional who is looking to expand your business without the cost & headache, Savvy Office Solutions would love to hear from you today!

Fill in the form below and we will review your information and contact you with further details.

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* It is expected that Associates will already have the usual “tools of the trade” including a computer, internet connection, and software programs common to their specialty. These will not be provided by Savvy Office Solutions.

** The relationship between Savvy Office Solutions and an Associate is not that of Employer / Employee, but rather an Independent Contracting relationship. Savvy Office Solutions does not guarantee hours or projects, withhold government deductions, or provide paid vacations or other benefits associated with being an employee.

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