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Michelle Habkirk & Amanda Habkirk, aka the Savvy Sisters, are the brains AND the brawn behind Savvy Office Solutions. A diverse background from acrobat to zen master (ok, not really) make them your go-to gals for getting any job done.

Together they bring a combination of over 40 years of experience in office administration, team building, online marketing, customer relationship management, and strategic business development, using tenacity & ingenuity to solve even the most complex problems with out-of-the-box results.

Loyalty, dedication, a deeply-ingrained work ethic, and a keen sense of humor are the hallmarks of the Savvy Sisters, who pride themselves in treating every client’s business like it’s their own. Their straight-shooting & no-nonsense approach to helping small businesses achieve their goals is unsurpassed.



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Hello, I’m so happy that you’re here!

I am a single mom of three exceedingly tall, handsome, talented sons and am proud to say that I have been able to maintain my “cool mom” status for the better part of 20 years now! If that isn’t an awe-inspiring feat I don’t know what is! I am a soccer mom, an avid reader, history lover, meatball-maker extraordinaire, music buff, and huge Canucks hockey fan.

I founded Savvy Office Solutions in 2004 after 20+ years of corporate life that consisted of wearing many, many different hats. I am definitely not a “do-just-what’s-in-the-job-description” kind of person. I embrace challenges and love finding ways to make things work, or work better.  Always having been entrepreneurially-minded, and feeling as if I wanted to stretch my wings beyond the traditional mold, I made the decision one balmy pre-spring afternoon way back when to approach my then-employer to see whether they would be open to becoming my client rather than me continuing to work “for” them. It was then that Savvy Office Solutions was born!

I was a one-woman show for a while, handling buying, business development, customer service, new vendor development, ecommerce catalog management, product description writing, online marketing and a zillion you-name-it other administrative services for my clients from my home office, taking on more and more work until I simply exhausted myself. It was time to sit down and remind myself of the reasons I started this journey in the first place, and refresh my vision for what Savvy Office Solutions was supposed to be. I had two choices at this point…drop some workload or clients, or get myself some help. Enter Amanda, my Savvy Sister. Who better to join forces with me than someone who I knew had the same types of goals, same work-hard-and-it-will-pay-off mentality, and most of all, same sarcastic wit and ability to laugh at life while still getting stuff done?! Together we have taken the company to new heights and continue to have a lot of fun while getting some serious business done for our clients.

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Hello fans!

I like candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, spelunking etc, oh wait, it’s not a dating site bio! Hmm, where to begin….

I come from quite a diverse background in the work world; everything from working at the airport shipping Ferrari’s and live ostrich eggs (not in the same shipment mind you), making sure planes get off the ground and being the leader of the pack, to being a jack of all trades (marketing, accounting, customer service etc) at a tech start-up in early 2000, to paying my dues at a few financial and insurance firms in various capacities  (accounting, customer service manager etc etc), to working as a lead-hand then accountant in the contact lens world, to finally breaking free of the mold by teaming with my ever so talented sister, becoming my own boss ~ and never looking back!!!

Hobbies include:

*Anything and everything sports related (yes, this includes jumping out of perfectly good airplanes). My favourites being soccer and baseball (playing) and hockey (watching) ~ GO CANUCKS GO!!! I’ll try almost anything once.

*I do have a green thumb and also enjoy reading all genres, but especially the creepy, mystery, serial killer novels

*oh, and I heart chocolate.

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